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  Fayetteville Arkansas! Check out this awesome article on scooter and moped riding tips. Swing by MopedU for all your Scooter and Moped needs! $0 Down financing for some Scooter and Moped models! Aright across from bright orange AutoZone, at 418 North College Avenue Fayetteville Arkansas.  Riding a scooter can be SO much fun! Wind blowing through your hair. The warmth of sunshine on your skin. That unbeatable feeling of being right there in it, that up-close and personal, front row seat view of whatever beautiful landscapes your travels may take you through. But…there are some important factors that you...

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Letting your scooter or moped sit unused for several months can cause difficulty in starting or even running! However there are steps you can take to make your scooter or moped run well in the spring.

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